2020 Films in Competition

Feature Films

Be Good Or Be Gone thumb‘Be Good or Be Gone’
Directed by Cathal Nally (Ireland)
Runtime: One hour, 33 minutes

‘Be Good or Be Gone’ is a dramatic/comedy set over the course of 4 days in contemporary Dublin


Busmans Holiday thumbA Busman’s Holiday
Directed by A C Smithard (United States)
Runtime: One hour, 44 minutes

A worn out and retired street cop from New York is pressured to find a distant cousin who has gone missing – a young girl from Ireland.


The Evening Redness in the South thumbThe Evening Redness in the South
Directed by Colin Hickey (Ireland)
Runtime: One hour, 10 minutes

An entirely dialogue-free dramatic feature film, a visual tone poem following several workers on a building site.


Follow the Dead
Directed by Adam William Cahill (Ireland)
Runtime: One hour, 33 minutes

As viral videos seem to evidence the fall of Dublin at the hands of the undead, four Millennials in rural Ireland can’t discern fake news from real.


The Green Sea thumbThe Green Sea
Directed by Randal Plunkett (Ireland)
Runtime: One hour, 14 minutes

A heavy metal musician lives a life of isolation until her world changes by the appearance of a strange young girl.


Lone Wolves thumbLone Wolves
Directed by Sergi Arnau (Spain)
Runtime: One hour, 20 minutes

With a structure similar to Reservoir dogs, Lone Wolves is a film about corruption, a prison drama and with a noir aesthetic


Love Is Not Love thumbLove is Not Love
Directed by Stephen Keep Mills (United States)
Runtime: One hour, 34 minutes

Early December, New York City, and everyone is on the hunt for love. Why? Because they haven’t found it and they make it into a myth and chase the myth instead. 


Poster Boys thumbPoster Boys
Directed by Dave Minogue (Ireland)
Runtime: One hour, 27 minutes

With the help of his smart ass kid nephew, broke Al Clancy steals a camper-van and heads on a cross country road trip to finally get his life together.


The Reckoning thumbThe Reckoning
Directed by Neil Marshall (United Kingdom)
Runtime: One hour, 50 minutes

A woman is falsely accused of witchcraft in England in 1665, the year of the Great Plague.


Violet Gibson thumbViolet Gibson, The Irish Woman who Shot Mussolini
Directed by Barry Dowdall & Kevin De La Isla O’Neill (Ireland)
Runtime: One hour, 27 minutes

‘One bullet could’ve changed history’. Dowdall’s film is a docu-drama in the style of his award-winning film on the legendary Australian outlaw, Ned Kelly.


The Winter Lake thumbThe Winter Lake
Directed by Phil Sheerin (Ireland)
Runtime: One hour, 31 minutes

Withdrawn teenager TOM and his mother ELAINE have been forced to relocate to a dilapidated farmhouse. There, Tom discovers the remains of an infant in a seasonal lake..


National / International Films

A Better You thumbA Better You
Directed by Eamonn Murphy (Ireland)
Runtime: 15:58

Set in a dystopian Neo-Steampunk World, Douglas a shy introvert enlists the help of “A Better You” a customizable carbon clone to help him win the girl of his dreams.


A Christmas Drop thumbA Christmas Drop
Directed by Stephen Canty (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:00

At midnight on Christmas Eve, a newly-married couple prepare to welcome some annual guests to their pub, which has fallen on hard times. And time is running out…


A Death In the Family thumbA Death in the Family
Directed by Kate Haley (Ireland)
Runtime: 11:28

A death in the family leads to an interesting meal for the mourners. Kate’s shorts have screened in Galway, Dublin and Kerry film festivals.


Aretha thumbA R E T H A
Directed by Dave Thomas (Ireland)
Runtime: 12:20

Eighteen year old Aretha wants to work at a Café that are in desperate need of staff. Can a young woman with Down syndrome cope with the fast paced restaurant?


Algorithm thumbAlgorithm
Directed by Edwina Casey (Ireland)
Runtime: 9:10

When nervy Al has an absurd encounter with a stranger, he begins to question his whole identity.


Alice thumbAlice
Directed by Magdalena Wodzisz (Ireland)
Runtime: 4:55

Alice struggles with who she is and the dance is meant to be a freeing of her inner self and her turmoils.


Bad Suns thumbBad Suns
Directed by Kevin Ryan (United States)
Runtime: 25:00

Los Angeles 2028… a military escalation between China and the United States has had devastating consequences for the world.


Ballast thumbBallast
Directed by Jesse Gilbert (Ireland)
Runtime: 15:56

Beset by grief a man builds himself the means to escape the pains of his existence. I shot this film in West Cork (in the Valley in which I was raised) and exclusively used local, non-actors.


Barriers thumbBarriers
Directed by Fiach Kunz (Ireland)
Runtime: 13:05

Martin lives an isolated and monotonous life on a farm. He tends to livestock, and cares -reluctantly -for his alcoholic father.


Bound thumbBound
Directed by Amy Corrigan (United Kingdom)
Runtime: 19:36

Rosie Curran has spent her life trying to adhere to the often harsh societal rules of 1940s Ireland.


Breaking Up thumbBreaking Up
Directed by Terry McMahon (Ireland)
Runtime: 4:31

What if a victim is addicted to an abuser? What if the abuser isn’t an abuser and the victim isn’t a victim?


Bring Back Laura thumbBring Back Laura
Directed by Rebekah Davis (Ireland)
Runtime: 13:25

An awkward romantic attempts to bring his dead girlfriend back to life, with the help of a celebrity occultist.


Bronagh thumbBronagh
Directed by Jessica Courtney Leen & Megan Haly (Ireland)
Runtime: 13:05

A grown-up Bronagh feels guilty for experiencing a delayed grief, having lost a female role model as a child.


Brute thumbBrute
Directed by Brian Folan (Iraq)
Runtime: 13:00

A young mother and her son flee an abusive husband in the middle of the night only to find themselves trapped in their car in a field with a homicidal bull.


Butter thumbButter
Directed by Emma Brennan (Ireland)
Runtime: 4:00

Love is in the air on a cold Irish beach along with a little awkwardness and a dish of butter.


Choices thumbChoices
Directed by Paul Batt (Ireland)
Runtime: 18:00

Choices tells the story about 4 teenage boys and how the decisions they make on one particular day can change their lives, and families and friends lives forever.


Cost You Nothing thumbCost You Nothing
Directed by Patricia Kelly (Ireland)
Runtime: 10:15

A mother’s fractious relationship with her son disintegrates when she cannot accept the man he has become


Cuban Heel Shoes thumbCuban Heel Shoes
Directed by Julio Mas Alcaraz (Spain)
Runtime: 15:00

Paco and Jose are two teenage boys living in a marginal neighborhood of Madrid, a place hostile to each of their dreams.


Cultured thumbCultured
Directed by Brian Robinson & Dáire McNab (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:14

When Johnny, an unemployed hipster, stumbles across his latest passion project, he becomes obsessed with baking the perfect loaf of sourdough bread.


A Day In the Sun thumbDay in the Sun
Directed by Ciaran Crudden (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:55

Fermanagh along with Wicklow, are one of only two counties in Ireland to have never won a Senior provincial GAA title. Fans have never stopped dreaming.


Drifting thumbDrifting
Directed by Robert Higgins & Patrick McGivney (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:02

‘Drifting’ tells the story of Cian and Pat, best friends who have been joined at the hip since they were kids and have the run of their small town in the midlands.


Directed by Barzan Rostami (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
Runtime: 7:07

The story of echo is about understanding and perception of wildlife and environmental abuse and its consequences on human race…


Featherweight thumbFeatherweight
Directed by Kayleigh Gibbons (United Kingdom)
Runtime: 8:30

A dark humoured and expressive character animation about a girl trying to continue her sister’s boxing legacy after she dies.


Final Curtain thumbFinal Curtain
Directed by Dan Gifford (Ireland)
Runtime: 18:00

Everything in aspiring actor Finn O’Connor’s life seems to be going nowhere. It all stifled his belief that his big acting break is just around the corner.


Getting In thumbGetting In
Directed by Richard Keaney (Ireland)
Runtime: 9:18

When his son is turned away from his favorite band’s gig for being underage, a father is committed to getting him in one way or another.


Hear a No thumbsHear a No
Directed by Lina Jalala (Ireland)
Runtime: 10:15

After being sexually assaulted by her boyfriend’s best friend, a college student is terrified that this can be turned against her if she speaks up.


Hunger thumbHunger
Directed by Mark Dollard (Ireland)
Runtime: 9:20

A heroin addict is pursued by a menacing figure. This short is a response to the growing poverty and social degradation of Irish society in recent times.


In Need of Repair thumbIn Need of Repair
Directed by Jack Desmond (Ireland)
Runtime: 3:55

‘An isolated elderly man and a lonely handyman strike up a quiet friendship’. Filmmaker Jack Desmond graduated in 2019 from the National Film School in Dublin.


Invisible thumbInvisible
Directed by Don Mc Camphill (Ireland)
Runtime: 19:59

Drifting graduate Jason takes the same bus every evening to his job in the 24 hour garage. Nothing ever changes. Until one night he meets a beautiful stranger.


Keep Breathing thumbKeep Breathing
Directed by Mark Corden (United Kingdom)
Runtime: 18:37

A woman gets stuck in a lift with the engineer that’s fixing it, only to discover it’s the man she had a one-night-stand with just a few weeks before.


La Llorona thumbLa Llorona
Directed by Ismael Olivares (Spain)
Runtime: 18:00

Year 1936. Inés is born. Your crying is unceasing. It has a gift. A gift that you should not use.


Loose Thread thumbLoose Thread
Directed by Adam Wiliam Cahill (Ireland)
Runtime: 26:11

Having received distressing news during their respective visits to their local doctor, two couples feel compelled to address the haunting issues from their past.


Minor Key (TONO MENOR)
Directed by Iván Sáinz-Pardo (Spain)
Runtime: 11:00

“The moving story about a man locked in a Portuguese Fado.” The director has won more than 300 Awards at film festivals around the world.


Murder of Crows thumbMurder of Crows
Directed by Conor Sheehan (Ireland)
Runtime: 20:00

Murder of Crows is the story of two desperate characters forced to come to each others aid when there’s no-one else to turn to.


My Mother's Shoes thumbMy Mother’s Shoes
Directed by Mike Hayes (Ireland)
Runtime: 15:00

Set in 1970’s Ireland, an awkward 10 year old attempts to manage his recently bereaved French mother, a gaggle of sisters and the school bully.


Operator thumbOperator
Directed by Jonathan Hughes (Ireland)
Runtime: 11:04

A self-obsessed call center worker deals with a personal heartbreak while on shift as the world crumbles around him… due to a zombie apocalypse.


Oppure thumbOppure
Directed by Peter Galante (United States)
Runtime: 19:11

A cinema operetta. A female massage therapist enters an alternate reality, triggered by her touch on her client’s body.


Parenting thumbParenting
Directed by Aoife Nic Ardghail (Ireland)
Runtime: 5:30

Fred has daughter Helen at her wits’ end with his moaning, until she finds an excuse to get him out of the house.


Planet Earth Calling Ana thumbPlanet Earth Calling Ana
Directed by Fernando Bonelli (Spain)
Runtime: 20:00

One day, life detaches you from the world. Without a warning. Isolation. It´s just like being alone in Space.


Pogonophobia thumbPogonophobia
Directed by Thomas Ryan (Ireland)
Runtime: 15:26

Might sound funny, but there are people out there dealing with this bizarre affliction. CYRIL is one of those unfortunate few


POLTER thumbPolter
Directed by Álvaro Vicario (Spain)
Runtime: 10:00

José faces a paranormal event that breaks into his home
. As he fights for his life, Jose will have to discover the secret behind the phenomena if he wishes to regain control of his home.


Directed by Jonny Zeller (United States)
Runtime: 18:00

In a world where every lie a person tells leaves a permanent mark on their body, the new boot camp instructor without a single scar is an anomaly…


Sean Bakes a Cake and Loses His Sh*t
Directed by Gemma Addy, Dave Slade (Ireland)
Runtime: 11:45

Sean, still reeling from the breakdown of his marriage, volunteers to bake a cake for his son’s birthday party.


Sister This
Directed by Claire Byrne (Ireland)
Runtime: 9:00

Sister This is a modern-day female take on an old male stereotype of the “work away father”.


Directed by Borja Soler (Spain)
Runtime: 12:00

Ines and her little sister, Julia, are on holidays doing what they like best: snorkel. Every night at eight o’clock the girls stand near their father and wait.


Directed by Donna Taylor (United Kingdom)
Runtime: 24:00

Separated by distance but connected by a debilitating illness, two people find each other and love through struggles and adversity.


Directed by Sinead O’Loughlin (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:53

An elderly woman returns to her home after a violent break in that has robbed her of her husband and her peace of mind.


The Appointment
Directed by David Moody (Ireland)
Runtime: 16:30

A young man deals with the struggles of everyday life while trying to get his mother to an important medical appointment


The Butterfly Love Song
Directed by Luke Morgan (United States)
Runtime: 13:59

A film by Project Spatula, produced by Morgan Creative, John Herbert and Seamus Scanlon. Based on the award-winning short story by Seamus Scanlon.


The Early House
Directed by Derek O’Connor & Ian Whelan (Ireland)
Runtime: 11:58

Following his father’s unusual and sudden death, Glen is on a mission to go after those responsible.


The House Fell
Directed by Maeve Stone (Ireland)
Runtime: 11:43

Fiona is back in the town she grew up in as a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding. She’s supposed to be enjoying herself, but there’s a knot in her stomach that won’t let her settle.


The Yellow Dress
Directed by Deborah Grimes (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:58

To help her mother regain her joie de vivre after having breast cancer Aisling, 14, sets her up on what she believes will be the ‘perfect date’…


Tumbling Towards Home
Directed by Imelda O’Reilly (United States)
Runtime: 13:59

Tumbling Towards Home is a coming of age story about Malcolm Adams, an Irish immigrant who moves to New York in 1989 to study acting under Alan Langdon.


Tyre Kickers
Directed by Danny McCafferty (Ireland)
Runtime: 12:27

A determined Barry scours the length and breadth of the country trying to find a Ford Capri.


Directed by Orlaith Mc Manus (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:56

A couple experience the pain, laughter and uncertainty of fertility treatment whilst trying to keep their relationship (and beloved pet) alive.


Directed by John Anderson Jnr (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:11

In a bleak, cold hospital a husband is told his pregnant wife is going through complications.


Warm for Winter
Directed by Matgorzata Kawolczwk-Nentwig (Ireland)
Runtime: 8:34

With the homeless crisis escalating in Dublin, one man’s simple gesture of kindness causes controversy, dividing opinions and causing a media frenzy around the world.


What Never Happened
Directed by Vineet Bhalla (Canada)
Runtime: 17:46

A construction worker struggles to reconcile being a victim of escalating domestic abuse with the expectations and difficulties of modern masculinity.


Where Still Waters Lie
Directed by Adam O’Keeffe (Ireland)
Runtime: 18:49

A young couple find themselves drifting apart as the burdens of parenthood weigh on them in different respects.


Directed by Suri Grennell (Ireland)
Runtime: 9:05

At the precipice of womanhood and plagued with foreboding dreams, Maria must confront the mistrust of her family as a strange epidemic sweeps through Ireland.


Young Mother
Directed by John Robert Brown (Ireland)
Runtime: 12:29

A lone teenage girl roams the streets of Dublin urgently trying to buy alcohol in this intense, family drama.


Your Lucky Day
Directed by Fele Martínez (Spain)
Runtime: 10:00

Ernesto leaves the house, in a hurry. He calls the elevator and he will find an unexpected passenger that will make his life impossible during the short journey they will share.


Newport Beach FF Films

Directed by Daniel Butler (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:39

A dead man wakes up to discover he is a vampire only to struggle to follow through with his dreams of escape.


Directed by Sohaila Lindheim (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:12

A husband tries desperately to fix his failing marriage, but something sinister from the past won’t quickly be forgotten.


The Cancer Monster
Directed by Michael Costello (Ireland)
Runtime: 4:58

A girl in a cancer ward is forced to confront her deepest fears – real or imaginary. At stake is life itself.


Directed by Lochlann Dowd (Ireland)
Runtime: 6:18

A policeman is looking for a mob informant within his team. Spoiler: it’s obviously Frankie.


Directed by Magdalena Wodzisz (Ireland)
Runtime: 8:40

There is only one thing that stands between Niamh and her future happiness – a wedding superstition she has to cope with.


I Love My Wife…
Directed by Ian Tierney (United Kingdom)
Runtime: 5:55

The true story of Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman and his wife Arline. Following Richards death in 1988, a sealed envelope was discovered. This is a film about that letter.


Innocent Boy
Directed by John Connors (Ireland)
Runtime: 13:29

This film tells the story of Jack a young Irish Traveller boy. Who also has hearing difficulties, his only escape from an overbearing world of emotional deafness is bareback on his beloved painted Mare.


Life After Life
Directed by Damien Varley (Ireland)
Runtime: 15:00

Its easy to forget that not everything that weighs you down is yours to carry. Emotional pain rarely discriminates. Whatever creed. Whatever status. It takes no prisoners.



20 Yards from a Crow
Directed by Al Butler (Ireland)
Runtime: 10:10

Ricky Whelan looks at the world of Crows that exists around us. Filmed in Portlaoise and Wexford.


Born to Read Stars
Directed by Beta Bajgart (Ireland)
Runtime: 10:09

The stars are a map of the world and the Bible is its navigator. Unitarian reverend and astrologer Bill Darlison reveals his unique and controversial, yet straightforward and incredibly practical theory on understanding the world we live in. 


How to Fall in Love in a Pandemic
Directed by Michael-David McKernan (Ireland)
Runtime: 10:40

A capsule romance accelerates dramatically against the backdrop of the pandemic as two filmmakers are forced to move in together after two weeks of knowing each other.


An Irish Underdog Story
Directed by Jonny Farrelly (Ireland)
Runtime: 3:51

A mini documentary that mixes archive and animation to take a snippet of the ‘All Ireland Final Day’ of Baltinglass on March 17th, 1990.


Making Tom
Directed by Táine king & Lorraine Higgins (Ireland)
Runtime: 15:47

An Iconic Statue was approved for the market square in Castleblayney, of Big Tom McBride…


Mood Atlas
Directed by Mia Mullarkey (Ireland)
Runtime: 18:30

Mood Atlas is a short documentary exploring Bipolar Disorder through one man’s experiences, and his search for hope in neuroscience.


Directed by Susie Agoston (Australia)
Runtime: 20:52

This documentary follows a sport’s team of teenagers who, although they have lived in Australia their whole lives, have never before met an Australian Aboriginal person.


Spread The Wings
Directed by Alice McDowell (Ireland)
Runtime: 11:35

Sisters Maggie and Nora are from the Irish Traveller community – an indigenous nomadic ethnic minority group…


Too Far From Mammy – A Wild Atlantic Way Road Trip
Directed by Catherine Hughes & Jack Haigh (Ireland)
Runtime: 31:10

In August 2016, three old friends, Darragh Keane, Paul Kelly and Jack Haigh, embarked on a five day road-trip along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.


Up & Away
Directed by Jamie Goldrick (Ireland)
Runtime: 15:22

Up & Away is a short documentary on the 1973 IRA Mountjoy Helicopter Escape. This documentary illustrates how a 60 second event that took place over 46 years ago is imprinted on the memory of those who witnessed it.


The Void
Directed by Ally McKenzie (United Kingdom)
Runtime: 9:00

As Louise’s career comes to an end, she faces her toughest fight – stepping away from the ring and adjusting to life after boxing.


Student Films

Directed by Aisling O’Regan Sargent (Ireland)
Runtime: 15:00

Patti and Trish; best friends on the cusp of college life. A traumatic event, on the eve of their goodbye, will put their friendship to the ultimate test.


Clara’s Room
Directed by Pippa Molony (Ireland)
Runtime: 3:00

Clara’s bedroom is the starting point for a mosaic of moments, to provide a glimpse of the life contained therein.


Don’t Sing
Directed by Conor Johnston (Ireland)
Runtime: 11:36

Don’t Sing is a short musical film about Ruairi, a bartender in a music club who dreams of performing on stage.


Directed by Miles Davis Murphy (Ireland)
Runtime: 5:30

Told through imagery, a tempestuous relationship between a father and son unfolds over a lifetime.


Give It Back!
Directed by Ruchama Ehrenhalt (Israel)
Runtime: 14:14

Olivia just moved to Israel from New York. Throughout her first day of school in the 6th grade she tries to survive…


Directed by Eoin Harnett (Ireland)
Runtime: 9:15

‘Hypnos’ is a mythical art-house short film, serving as a re-imagining of the Greek myth of Hypnos and Thanatos, the Gods of Sleep and Death.


I Appear Missing
Directed by Jacob Goode (Ireland)
Runtime: 7:00

A street photographer discovers the disturbing truth when pursuing a mysterious woman who cannot be photographed.


Intro to Anthro
Directed by Luke Murphy, Oran Treacy & Odhran Roche (Ireland)
Runtime: 15:00

Intro to Anthro is a short documentary about the Irish Furry Community, a group interested in dressing up as animals.


Directed by Emmi Shockley (United States)
Runtime: 17:25

A young crab house waitress, Olivia, has fallen for her Irish coworker and made plans to move to Dublin with him


Directed by Pedro del Río (Spain)
Runtime: 15:00

A homeless woman finds a set of keys and tries to find out which house they belong to. Directed by Pedro del Rio.


Meat Is Murder
Directed by Ben Kavanagh & Luke Murphy (Ireland)
Runtime: 10:49

In a world where the consumption of animal products is both illegal and taboo, a vegan SWAT-team plot the capture of an infamous meat-dealer named Peter Ash.


Directed by Adam Littlewood (Ireland)
Runtime: 20:00

‘You’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory’. Written and directed by Adam Littlewood.


Olive Harvest
Directed by Lane Shipsey (Ireland)
Runtime: 10:35

In-the-field story of the olive growers and pickers, following the olive’s journey from tree to oil pressing.


Directed by Mark Bergin (Ireland)
Runtime: 10:34

Process is a short, minimalistic documentary that presents two young artists from contrasting practices, without the immediate presence of a narrative or common theme.


The Quiet
Directed by Georgia Kelly (Ireland)
Runtime: 8:28

An intimate and poignant observation of 87 year old, Ruth. Loneliness, fear, memory and the reality of ageing are examined through her eyes, as she lives alone in old age.


Directed by Jamie Reeves (United Kingdom)
Runtime: 12:30

A young man faces conflicting emotions after being offered a life-changing job interview. RedYellowBlue represents a time where we are faced with the immensely daunting leap to adulthood and responsibility.


Directed by Daragh Goan (Ireland)
Runtime: 14:16

A tram control-room operator who lives in his office after a traumatic event forges a connection with a homeless man over their sense of isolation.


Directed by Saman Hosseinpuor & Ako Zandkarimi (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
Runtime: 13:03

Ghasem is forced to sell their cow to spend a hard winter in their village, but his son fled out the cow


Voices Can Be Deadly
Directed by Andrew Sherlow (Ireland)
Runtime: 3:33

Danny is overwhelmed by his social anxiety in the workplace that when he visits his subconscious mind he realizes that all of his fears have been manifested…


The West Kerry Cowboy
Directed by Cian O Connor (Ireland)
Runtime: 17:57

The West Kerry Cowboy is a comedy drama about a man looking for acceptance of himself through acceptance by his father



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